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Jura Z6 Review

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Jura Z6 Review

Espresso makers are, in a sense, getting faster, stronger, and better. Their heat-up times have shortened, and they yield great-tasting coffee. Jura has been in the coffee business for a while, creating top-of-the-line makers.

If you’re in the market for a new espresso machine, we’ve gone ahead and brought together all the necessary information to help you get the espresso maker of your dreams.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Jura Z6

The first thing you should consider when looking for an espresso maker is whether you want an espresso. At a sophisticated café, items like lattes and espresso can be costly, especially if you buy them often. If your go-to drink is a cappuccino, then this is probably a worthy investment.

However, should you only want to make a standard brew, then you may not be drawn in by the fact that the Jura Z6 makes coffee in addition to espresso, cappuccinos, and so on.

The Jura Z6 automatic coffee machine is a fairly pricey item. You shouldn’t buy one because it looks cool or seems like a pleasant idea.

In its favor, the Jura Z6 is superautomatic, which means you are saving a lot of time by having to prep less. If you enjoy the brewing process, though, then a fully-automated machine may not be worth the price for you.

It also may not pay off if you are the only person who will be drinking coffee or espresso. Certainly, the dual nozzles are great for preparing two coffees at once. Yet, if you drink only sparingly, and there’s no one else you’re sharing the maker with, this feature won’t serve you.

A Quick Look at the Jura Z6

Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine, Aluminum

The Jura Z6 is a top-of-the-line, superautomatic espresso coffee machine. It can make espresso, coffee, or ristretto for one or two cups at a time.

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The Jura Z6, like many of the company’s other products, handles both the grinding and brewing process within just one machine. After selecting your coffee-style choice, the Jura Z6 grinds your coffee on the spot.

You choose your selection using the TFT color display and corresponding buttons. The buttons allow you to choose from one of six preset options, and a rotary switch lets you select your coffee strength from ten different strength levels.

The water system works with a Clearyl water filter that can purify your water’s contents. Its functionality will vary depending on your water hardness level, which you input into the machine yourself.

The Jura Z6 utilizes a pulse extraction process, or P.E.P.®, which prepares and dispenses coffee using minute throbs to create a deeper, richer aroma.

The Jura Z6’s controls are simple, providing a streamlined process for making high-quality coffee and espresso. As an added bonus, the machine is easy to clean, helping to make brewing less of a chore.

Things We Like

  • Multiple coffee strength options
  • Easy to clean
  • Six preset options
  • Heats and prepares coffee quickly
  • Grinds coffee beans fast

Room for Improvement

  • Exceptionally pricey
  • Inconsistent dependability
  • Milk-heating issues

Features & Benefits

The Jura Z6 is a simple machine that does a lot. Let’s take a closer look at the product and break down what it does and how it performs those tasks.

Superautomatic Capabilities

Jura goes a long way in simplifying your espresso-making routine. You can easily load the coffee bean container through the opening on top, and it holds up to 9.9 ounces of coffee beans at any one time.

Moreover, the water filter helps remove impurities from the water you insert for an optimal coffee flavor. This way, you can bypass any water purification processes you would otherwise need to perform to get the best water.

The TFT color screen interface allows you to quickly set up your coffee presets and choose what you want, immediately handling the water flow, grinding, and presentation.

Informative Messages on Screen

One excellent quality of this espresso maker is that it lets you know when you need to check certain statuses or address certain tasks. For example, if you run out of coffee beans in the container, a message pops up on the screen that explicitly tells you so.

Other message prompts will keep you on top of crucial maintenance, such as when you need to change the water filter or clean the milk system.

Sleek and Modern Style

The Jura Z6 comes in two colors: black and stainless steel. Both have a timeless and contemporary look, being statement pieces that are not overbearing or obnoxious. Although this is a high-functioning machine, it doesn’t look overly-complicated in appearance.

Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine, Aluminum

Six Product Options

In terms of caffeinated options, the Jura Z6 offers the following:

Each of the caffeinated options can be set at ten different strength options, which you can select from the rotary switch. This gives you a high degree of versatility when preparing your morning joe, whether it’s for yourself or someone else.

Even within these settings, you have extra options such as flat white espresso or ristretto. While the Jura Z6 offers an expert mode you can access and navigate, there are plenty of choices that utilize the machine’s basic settings. All of these can be readily accessed from the menu screen.

Dual Coffee-Dispensing Nozzles

You can make two coffees (at the same settings) at once using Jura’s two nozzles. This saves you and a second person precious time if you both like your coffee the same way. If you want to make a single cup, both nozzles can even work together to produce one mug.

Preparing two cups takes no time since all you have to do is press the coffee button twice instead of once.

Removable Water Tank

The accompanying water filter fits snugly into the coffee maker, but it gives no grief when you have to remove it. You can open the top flap to pour water in but if you need to adjust the filter or bring it to a water source, just snap it out of position.

A small handle flips up from within the tank so you can transport the tank as needed. The flap also opens enough so you can access the filter components contained within the tank.

Adjustable Filter Settings for Water Hardness

When you set up your machine, it’ll ask you to input the hardness level of your water. The package provides a test strip to check water’s hardness and input the correlating number into the coffee machine’s computer. That way, it sets the filter appropriately to properly handle water.

Using the Clearyl water filter is optional, but Jura recommends it if your water’s hardness is 10°dH or more.

Unlike in the past, Jura now automatically runs the filter without you having to set it. This ensures that your water and machine get cleaned when needed and removes the confusion of having to activate the filter.

Thanks to this consideration, your coffee will likely taste the best that it can without you having to purify it. It saves you an extra step.

Adjustable Foam and Milk Settings

Having the ability to adjust the milk or foam’s temperature offers you a more diverse approach to how you craft your beverages. Jura has programmed ten milk temperatures into this espresso machine, which you can choose from depending on your temperature preference.

Easy-to-Clean Milk System

For the steamed milk foam to work properly, the milk system needs daily cleaning. Fortunately, this process is quick and simple. Setting it up for cleaning takes little time, and Jura makes a specialized milk system cleaner that works well with its machines.

Since cleaning excess milk out of the system plays a pivotal role in the machine’s hygiene and your well-being, this coffee maker prompts you to clean the milk system every time you craft a drink that incorporates milk.

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)

You can opt to dispense your ground coffee using the P.E.P.® technology, which adds a pulsation to how the coffee pours. It’s a straightforward setting change, and it increases the aroma of your coffee.

Alternatives and Conclusion

The Jura Z6 is an espresso machine for someone who loves coffee beverages and wants to make them quickly. However, certain factors, like the price, may not be your cup of tea (or coffee). There are plenty of other  Jura products available, which range in price and output.

This espresso maker offers a lot of setting changes, with ten temperature settings for the milk and ten strength settings for each type of coffee. If you enjoy customizing and perfecting your brew, this feature will suit you well.

You won’t find too many products that’ll perform as many tasks as the Jura Z6 model. So, if you’re in a hurry and can’t purify your water and grind your coffee, then being able to make a tasty espresso within minutes is a good pick for you.

Overall, the Jura Z6 makes a great cup of coffee. Not just espresso, but various espresso-based drinks as well that complement a need for minimal time and excellent results.

Happy Caffeinating!

Jura Z6 Review: An Espresso Lovers Dream Machine
Jura Z6 Review

Despite the price, the Jura Z6 will bring just what you need to your kitchen when trying to make a quick espresso-based drink!

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