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Lido Coffee Grinder Review

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Lido Coffee Grinder Review

Sometimes, to get the best coffee, you need to grind the coffee beans yourself. If you’re in the market for a manual coffee grinder, you might want to consider the Lido 3 grinder; a compact yet versatile device that cranks with ease to produce various coffee types.

Below, we’ve compiled your need-to-know guide for the Lido 3 grinder, complete with things to consider before buying and the device’s benefits.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Lido 3 Coffee Grinder from Orphan Espresso

You want a  coffee grinder that suits your preferences and needs, which means you need to look for your desired qualities before purchasing the Lido 3 stainless steel burr coffee grinder.

For example, you might want to consider your general coffee preference, the brewing capacity, portability–if you want to take your coffee-making capabilities on the go–and ease of use.

Coffee Preference

What coffee type do you prefer? If you answered espresso, then you might want to consider purchasing the Lido 3 Coffee Grinder for barista-quality espresso made from home.

The Lido 3 burr coffee grinder can produce espresso and Turkish coffee because of the way it grinds up the inserted coffee grounds.

Since this coffee grinder relies on manual power, you get control over how coarse or fine the coffee turns out.

Ultimately, the hand-crank means that you can produce more than just espresso and Turkish coffee, even if  Orphan Espresso designed the device with those coffee types in mind.

However, you might want to keep in mind that since the Lido 3 best suits espresso, it may not produce the same high-quality coffee for other types since it was not designed for them explicitly.

Brew Capacity

If you like to make rounds to the coffee machine throughout the day to fill up your mug, the Lido 3 premium hand grinder, like most other manual grinders, may not be ideal for you because you’ll have to manually crank the device to produce your coffee grounds.

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However, for a single serving, the Lido 3 coffee grinder produces a substantial coffee amount, up to 70 grams.


While the Lido 3 coffee grinder is slender, only three inches in diameter, and lightweight at only a little over two-pounds, the coffee grinder’s hand-crank operation is not ideal for transportation.

Yes, the size makes it easy to carry around; but, if you plan to use the grinder on-the-go, for example, during an early morning hiking excursion or when you get to work, you might find manually grinding your coffee too laborious and intensive.

Orphan Espresso designed the grinder with portability in mind hence the small, slim frame, foldable handle, and sleek carrying case. It may not be ideal for grinding on-the-go, but once you reach your destination, the device works well.

Ease of Use

When you want your coffee, especially if you’re not a morning person, you want it quickly. While some manually operated coffee grinders take a while to grind the beans effectively, the Lido 3 coffee grinder from Orphan Espresso works quickly.

You don’t have to put much effort into working the crank and you don’t have to wait a long time before the device is ready to produce espresso.

The crank also allows you to gauge how finely or coarsely you want the grinds, making it easier to use than an automatic one that works at such a high speed you might not realize how much the grinder pulverizer.

Lido 3 Coffee Grinder Overview

Lido 3 Manual Coffee Grinder | 48mm Swiss Conical Steel Burrs | Stepless Grind Adjustment | Portable Hand Grinder with Neoprene Travel Case

At first glance, the Lido 3 coffee grinder looks like an oversized pepper or salt grinder because of its sleek, slender, stainless steel hourglass design and attached hand crank. Similar to the standard table-top commodities, the Lido 3 coffee grinder works similarly.

The device can produce up to 70 grams in its hopper cap and provides quick and efficient manual grinding. You get full control over how finely you want your coffee ground and how much you want to produce for a serving.

If you’ve got to hop out the door in a hurry, you can easily take the Lido 3 coffee grinder with you since it’s small and lightweight enough for transportation.

Even though the device is small, it comes equipped with high-quality technology to maximize efficiency and provide a delightful taste to each cup you make, whether that’s espresso, Turkish coffee, or a standard brew.

What We Like:

  • Versatility
  • Brewing capacity
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Portability

Needs Improvement:

  • Manual operation can grow tiresome

Features & Benefits

Before you buy the Lido 3 coffee grinder, take a closer look at some of the features and benefits it can give you.

Full Range Grinder

The Lido 3 device has an established full-range hand grinder, meaning it can accommodate many coffee types and preferences. You can grind the beans to produce any coffee type, whether that’s french press and espresso or Turkish and cold-brew.

The grinder also has a dual ring adjustment that gives you full, precise control over the coffee. If you want to change the grinder setting to accommodate a different coffee style, all you need to do is loosen the top grinder ring lock and move the adjuster to the setting you want.


Lido 3 Manual Coffee Grinder | 48mm Swiss Conical Steel Burrs | Stepless Grind Adjustment | Portable Hand Grinder with Neoprene Travel Case

Talk about classy. The Lido 3 coffee grinder from Orphan Espresso’s facade has a modern, stainless steel finish to make it appear high-end and cast aluminum mechanisms for powerful grinding capability at multiple grind sizes.

Orphan Espresso designed every aspect with lightweight materials, including BPA-free plastic, which not only makes it easy to carry around but environmentally friendly.

Even though the coffee maker requires manual operation, the 48mm, Swiss-made, conical steel burrs make for quick grinding, so you won’t have to worry about tiring out your arm to reach your desired coarseness.

To further ensure your coffee quality, dual brass bearings secure the burr to stabilize the grinding and prevent any wobbling or unnecessary vibrations that can interrupt the smooth process.

Ultimately, the design alleviates the tension required to manually operate the hand grinder. This makes for an easier time making your coffee grounds compared to other manual coffee grinders.


Whether you don’t want to take up too much counter space or want to transport your coffee grinder when you take trips, the Lido 3 coffee grinder’s size accommodates both needs. Because of the mini machine’s durable materials, it can withstand harsh conditions as the device rattles around in your purse, backpack, or luggage.

At around two and a half pounds, you won’t feel weighed down during transport. And, since the device’s three inches in diameter and 13.5-inches tall, you can easily store it in a range of places. Although, 13.5-inches is a bit tall for optimum portability convenience.

Orphan Espresso also designed this coffee grinder specifically for portability which you’ll notice in some features. For instance, the rubber hand grinder gives you a secure grip, but also so it can fold into itself when you need to store it.

Purchasing the Lido 3 coffee grinder, you get a sleek, zip-up neoprene carrying case for protection and to transport with ease.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to coffee grinders, getting into the device for a thorough cleaning can prove difficult because finely ground coffee tends to stick and hide in places you can’t reach.

To make cleaning easier and to maintain the device’s correct functionality, you get a maintenance set along with it.

The maintenance set includes a natural bristle brush, a hex tool, and a standard owner’s manual. The brush allows you to get into all of the hard-to-reach places to clean out excess grounds and the bristles provide a thorough clean.

The hex tool, along with the owner’s manual, lets you keep up with the grinder’s maintenance, which you’ll need if you want to extend the grinder’s lifespan.

Alternatives & Conclusion

Overall, the Lido 3 coffee grinder from Orphan Espresso packs various grinding capabilities into a single, small device that you can easily transport and trust to last throughout the years.

Of course, reading about a single coffee grinder cannot eliminate all of the other options out there in the market. If you don’t think the Lido 3 coffee grinder suits your needs, even at an excellent price, or you want to browse the alternative options before committing to the Lido 3, take a look at a few alternatives.

Comandante Grinder

Much like the Lido 3 coffee grinder, the Comandante grinder has a sleek and innovative design to provide barista-quality coffee with ease. However, this coffee grinder option is available in a range of colors, which is nice if you like to personalize your coffee machine to your taste and personality.

While this coffee grinder version is quite a bit more expensive than the Lido 3 coffee grinder, it provides a superior quality that some manual hand grinders cannot provide. Ultimately, it’s kind of like a higher-end version of the Lido 3.

1ZPresso Manual Coffee Grinder

While the Lido 3 coffee grinder is thin, the 1ZPresso Manual Coffee grinder is short, making it easier to store during transport of general day-to-day needs. While this coffee grinder and the Lido 3 work similarly, the 1ZPresso device doesn’t make as much as the Lido version.

Since it doesn’t make as much, it’s ideal for those looking for a personal grinder or who don’t need to provide coffee for many people. Its limited capacity combined with its small stature makes it better for transport than the Lido 3.

Happy Caffeinating!

Lido Coffee Grinder Review: Complete Your Various Grinding Needs
Lido Coffee Grinder Review

This small but very capable coffee bean grinder packs a big punch! See if the Lido 3 can live up to your travel coffee needs.

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