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The Best Aeropress Accessories

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If you own an Aeropress manual coffee maker, you know that you’re already enjoying one of the best cups of coffee in the whole wide world. 

But did you know that there are also tons of accessories created especially for Aeropress coffee makers and coffee enthusiasts? In this article, we’ll look at 9 of the most innovative, convenient, creative, and valuable.

That way, you can make the world’s best cup of coffee even better.

Fellow Prismo: An Aeropress Espresso Maker

If you’ve ever dreamed of making coffee shop quality espresso coffee that is as delicious as your Aeropress coffee, look no further: Fellow Prismo, the maker of many fine coffee products, has you covered.

This handy attachment provides the conditions necessary to make espresso-style coffee and more by using a pressure-actuated valve and an air-tight seal. Best of all, you don’t need to use the inverted method to brew immersion coffee, which is the less-than-easy method some people use to make espresso with the AeroPress coffee maker.

Made of high-quality, reusable etched stainless steel, Fellow Prismo fits perfectly onto all Aeropress coffee makers, as it is engineered specifically for use with them. It is also super simple to clean–just run it under cool water and let it dry. 

In addition, Fellow Prismo can make:

  • Flavorful Espresso-style Coffee
  • Cold-brew
  • Crema
  • Americano
  • Hot tea
  • Iced tea
  • Any brewed beverage that benefits from or needs a high-pressure, air-tight environment

It allows you to get the absolute most coffee flavor out of your Aeropress system and takes up zero counter space.

Share the Love with 2Pour

It’s effortless to impress friends and visitors with Aeropress coffee since the brewing system puts all other coffee makers (including some commercial ones) to shame. The problem is having to repeat the process for every single cup of flavorful coffee that you want to make.

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That’s no longer a problem with 2Pour, which allows you to easily make two delicious Aeropress cups of coffee at a time. It is also a fantastic accessory for households with more than one coffee drinker: no more fights over who gets their caffeine fix first in the mornings.

It’s easy to use: you simply stand it on the countertop, put two coffee cups underneath the spouts to catch the 8-ounce flow of coffee, and use the Aeropress system on top of 2Pour to make two separate brews, just as you would with a regular cup.

2Pour is reusable and durable, as well as easy to clean. Its sleek, slim design looks just fine on the countertop, and its small shape means that it is also easy to store. 

Improve Clarity with Aesir Paper Filters

As Aeropress users know well, your coffee is only as good as the filter papers with which it is brewed. That’s where Aesir Paper Filters come in.

Don’t misunderstand us; there is nothing inherently wrong with standard Aeropress bleached paper filters, but if you can do better, why not? You deserve it!

Aesir Paper Filters are hands-down the best disposable filters available. They are made from very high-quality paper and are twice as thick as regular Aeropress filters.

That means that you’ll enjoy an even juicier cup of joe with less sediment and more clarity. In addition, the consistent pore size ensures the same quality and thickness in your cup of coffee every single time.

Please don’t take our word for it, though. Most of the champion baristas of the World Aeropress Championship all use and recommend Aesir Paper Filters. So give them a try and see for yourself.

Go Green with Able Disk

Of course, the downside to Aesir filters is that they’re disposable, and therefore not very earth-friendly. Suppose you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to paper filters. In that case, Able Disk metal filters are the best on the market, and they deliver a superior cup of coffee as well. 

Even if the environment isn’t your top concern, paper filters can be annoying sometimes; you always have to worry about them getting wet, ripped, or otherwise damaged before or during use, which will affect the flavor and texture of your coffee.

By using Able Disk, made from photo-etched stainless steel, you eliminate this headache without sacrificing the quality of your coffee.

Some of the other benefits of Able Disk include:

  • Easy to use: just use it in place of the regular paper filter
  • American designed and produced in Portland
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to disposable paper filters
  • Easy to clean: just rinse after use and let it dry
  • It comes in two sizes for different coffee grinds: fine and standard
  • Durable: the stainless steel filter design means that it should last for the life of your Aeropress

Up Your Game with Porlex Coffee Grinder

The Porlex Coffee Grinder isn’t explicitly made for Aeropress (like many other products on this list). Still, it is just as valuable, helping the average coffee lover get the absolute most from their Aeropress coffee maker by using fresh ground coffee beans.

This product is a burr grinder rather than one of those blade coffee bean grinders, so you already know it is superior. But it has even more features that make it a fantastic accessory, too.

It is made from stainless steel and is static-free and ultra-lightweight. It has a 20-gram capacity, and best of all, it can grind fresh coffee beans from very coarse to very fine, meaning that you have even more control over customizing your coffee to suit your preferences.

We love that Aeropress is so compact, making it easy to take on road trips or travel. This Porlex Coffee Grinder is also mini so that it can come, too.

JavaJug2: Stay On-the-Go

The JavaJug2 with JavaJacket is not a traditional coffee-to-go mug. Instead, it is a companion product that is specifically designed for use with the AeroPress coffee maker.

The JavaJug2 is a stainless steel jug that can be used in a couple of different ways. Let’s take a look:

  1. You can press your coffee directly into it and then either drink or pour from the JavaJug 2. It holds up to 32 ounces of coffee or brew.
  2. JavaJug2 conveniently stores your Aeropress system. Everything fits neatly and snugly inside the JavaJug2 storage compartment, and you can screw on your Aeropress cap to make it spill-proof and air-tight.
  3. The JavaJacket both keeps the coffee inside warm and provides padded protection for when you’re using this item to transport your Aeropress.

Part mug, part carafe, part storage and travel accessory, JavaJug2 with JavaJacket is a must-have, especially for those who don’t like to leave home without our Aeropress.

Able Travel Cap is Efficient and Handy

We’ve already mentioned several wonderful products that make it easier and more convenient to take your Aeropress on the go with you, and the Able Travel Cap is yet another. This one is another fantastic accessory from the good people at Able Brewing.

They make this flexible, lightweight, and incredibly durable cap in the USA from a food-safe elastomer. It fits onto your Aeropress like a glove since they engineer it to work with that product specifically. 

Using Able, you can utilize the space inside your Aeropress as a handy storage compartment: bring along whole beans, ground coffee beans (we recommend putting these in a baggie first), or a dozen paper filters. 

The Able Travel Cap isn’t only convenient when traveling; it also provides a super-comfortable non-slip grip for when you’re using the Aeropress to make your coffee, which is just icing on the cake (or foamed milk on the espresso, if you will).

Neat and Tidy, Thanks to the Hexnub Organizer

Let’s bring it back home, shall we? Even if we love to take it on the go, most of us will use our Aeropress coffee maker at home more than anywhere else, so having a convenient and visually pleasing way to store it is a dream for coffee lovers.

Enter the AeroPress Coffee Maker Hexnub Organizer. This compact and efficient organizing system has a place for everything: the Aeropress itself–the scoop, plunger, chamber, filter, stirring paddle, and funnel– as well as accessories and even your favorite coffee mugs. The top shelf also has a heat-proof silicone rubber drip mat.

Its design allows all of the components to dry completely after washing. The makers of this handy gadget are so sure you’ll love it that they offer a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee, but we’re pretty sure that you won’t need it. 

Puck Puck: Be Cool with Cold Brew

We never waste a drop of our delicious Aeropress coffee, which is why we save any leftovers in the fridge to make iced coffee later. But what about when you want a cup of cold-drip coffee right now?

With Puck Puck Cold Brew Attachment, you can use your Aeropress to make cold coffee using the slow drip method. 

Simply place the Puck Puck on top of your AeroPress coffee maker, and use ice-cold water. The Puck Puck attachment takes care of the rest with a slow drip so that you will still get the same delicious coffee flavor that you’ve come to expect from your Aeropress. There’s even a splash filter so it doesn’t make a mess.

Like so many of the other items that work with Aeropress, Puck Puck is small and portable. With Puck Puck, you don’t even need a hot water source to make Aeropress coffee, just a bottle of water, which makes it perfect for travel, camping, and more.

Puck Puck is made from durable and lightweight, BPA-free food-grade plastic and measures only 6.8 centimeters wide.

Happy Caffeinating! 

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