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17 Funny Coffee Gifts That Everyone Will Get A Kick Out Of

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With the holiday season right around the corner, you may be freaking out trying to find just the right gifts for coffee drinkers in your life. Your favorite coffee expert probably has a Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler, a top-of-the-line coffee grinder, a cold brew maker, and everything in between. So what would be the perfect coffee gift?

Laughter! A hilarious gift at Christmastime is the best way to show someone that you genuinely care, and that includes gag gifts for the coffee connoisseur. Not sure? Well, let’s take a look at how good laughter is for the body and mind.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Funny Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Studies have proven that laughter is the best medicine, whether you’re trying to cheer someone up around the holidays or you just want to bring a smile to their face. In addition, laughter offers a ton of health benefits!

  • It relaxes your whole body for up to 45 minutes after a good guffaw!
  • It boosts your immune system by decreasing stress hormones.
  • It triggers the release of those feel-good chemicals: endorphins.
  • It protects your heart by improving blood flow.
  • It burns as many as 40 calories for every 10-15 minutes of laughter!
  • It makes you live longer to enjoy even more coffee.

But that’s not all the benefits of laughter! A good chuckle will improve your mood, relieve your stress, and add joy to your day. Plus, it strengthens our relationships and promotes bonding. Laughter also enhances teamwork and defuses conflict so that a funny gift might be just right for a co-worker or boss!

We’re sure that you can’t go wrong with a gift that makes your coffee enthusiasts laugh. So we’ve collected all the best in caffeinated gifts that are sure to bring a smile to their face. 

If you’re not sure a funny gift is right for your coffee fanatic, check out our Ultimate Gift List for more ideas. Otherwise, keep reading for funny coffee gifts.

Quick Summary: Funny Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Funny Coffee Mug May The Froth Be With You Unique Ceramic Novelty Hanukkah For Men And Women 11 Ounces Coworker Birthday Star ForceMAY THE FROTH BE WITH YOU COFFEE MUG
  • Ceramic
  • Perfect Gift On Any Occasions
  • Dishwasher And Microwave Safe
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Thought I Loved Coffee, Turns Out I Love Creamer Coffee Placemat, Place Mat For Coffee Machine, Coffee Maker Mat, Funny Coffee Decor, Coffee Lovers Gift, Farmhouse Accessories For Coffee BarCREAMER ADDICT COFFEE MAT
  • Measure 14 Inches Tall By 18 Inches Wide
  • Edges Are Slightly Frayed For A Rustic Look And Sealed To Prevent Further Fraying
  • Sealed With Stain Repellent To Prevent Coffee Stains
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Barnyard Designs 'I Need Coffee' Wooden Box Sign, Funny Desk Decor, Primitive Decor Office Desk Decorations for Women Office, Work, Bathroom Shelf Decor, Funny Office Decor Humor, 8x8I NEED COFFEE HOME DECOR
  • Modern Funny Home Decor Sign
  • Wooden Box Sign Decor
  • Gives A Vintage Feels
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GiftsFU Mothers Day Gifts for Mom, Unique Mom Gifts from Daughter Son, Christmas Birthday Wine Gift, Wall Coffee Mug Holder & Wine Glass Rack with Remote Mason Jar Sconces, Personalized Presents IdeasCOFFEE AND WINE ANYTIME STORAGE RACK
  • Wall Coffee Mug Holder & Wine Glass Rack
  • With Remote Mason Jar Sconces
  • Personalized Presents For Mom
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Coffee makes me poop LOVE and coffee Anniversary Gift Love Gift Unique Gift Gift for Mom her gift Gift for grandpa Valentine's Day Gift Fun gift idea Coffee lovers quirkyCOFFEE MAKES ME POOP SPOON
  • Customizable Text And Personalized Quotes
  • Standard Stainless Steel Spoon
  • Perfect Gift For Loved Ones
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Just What The Doctor Ordered Travel Mugs

We may have said laughter is the best medicine, but coffee may be what the doctor ordered! This insulated travel coffee tumbler will keep drinks hot or cold for hours while making your amazing coffee lover laugh!

This tumbler features a stainless-steel inner wall and an acrylic outer wall that keeps coffee hot or cold. The locking lid prevents spills and splashes, while the handle makes it easy to drink. It fits most cup holders and includes a skid-resistant bottom. And, it holds up to 14 ounces of your favorite morning brew.

Best of all is the hilarious prescription coffee exterior that will have them laughing with every sip. It is truly what the doctor ordered, so go ahead and refill frequently!

Your Own National Treasure Coffee Mug

Your coffee lovers will want to ditch the iced coffee when they face off with this hilarious heat-sensitive Nicholas Cage Coffee Mug. When they fill their morning mug with hot coffee, he’ll be their rock to make the day better. 

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This mug holds eleven ounces of coffee and contains 100% durable ceramic. It starts as a solid black mug, but add hot coffee or hot water and reveal Nicholas Cage’s mug. Your favorite movie or coffee nerds will feel trapped in paradise with this gift. And if their coffee is gone in sixty seconds, just refill to see their caffeinated Cage.

A Happy Little Coffee Mug

So maybe this isn’t the laugh-out-loud kind of funny, but when it comes to quirky coffee gifts, this Bob Ross Coffee mug is sure to make them smile. At the very least, it will leave them happy and feeling good.

This mug is made from microwave-safe ceramic and holds up to 12 ounces of amazing coffee. When the cup is cold (like if it’s full of cold brew coffee), they’ll see Bob Ross’s smiling face, poised to create his finest artwork. But, once they add their favorite brewed coffee, a happy little scene appears.

Bob Ross, Inc. officially licenses this, and we think it’s the perfect gift for coffee lovers. This mug also makes a great addition to a coffee gift basket!

Don’t Speak! Coffee Mug

If your true coffee lover can’t live without a morning cup of coffee but doesn’t want to be bothered with idle chatter until they’ve finished their first cup, this hilarious glass mug will be the gift they need. 

This mug holds up to 12 fluid ounces of their favorite morning brew and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s made from durable glass, and the solid white ink practically pops.

Our favorite feature is that everyone can see what level the coffee’s at and when they’re ready to talk. This is a great gift for co-workers that will have the whole office talking…or not talking! 

People Person’s T-Shirt

Not all coffee connoisseurs want to share their craft coffee with other people, and this cotton-blend T-Shirt by Crazy Dog is precisely the way to let everyone know. This shirt announces to the world that this coffee fan likes maybe three people!

These shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes, including up to 5XL. In addition, they screen print the graphics with state-of-the-art technology to make sure they stay vibrant through many wash cycles. 

This sarcastic tee shirt will keep your coffee lover laughing with every sip.

Cozy Coffee Slipper Socks

Comedy doesn’t always have to make them roll on the floor laughing. Sometimes a good chuckle slips in quietly and snuggles up like these delightful cozy slipper socks. Your favorite coffee lover will adore sipping her favorite batch of coffee with her feet warmed by these comfy socks.

These slipper socks are lined with Sherpa fleece and have non-skid soles. They come in all sizes and are fully machine washable. The brilliant pink exterior highlights the funny saying: But First, Coffee. She’ll think it’s the perfect gift alone or included in a coffee gift basket.

Creamer Addict Coffee Mat

It’s okay if your coffee addict turns out to love coffee creamer. We won’t judge them! But we think they’ll adore this Creamer Addict Coffee Mat. This natural burlap placemat features the hilarious slogan, ‘Thought I loved coffee, turns out I love creamer,’ that will have your creamer lover in stitches!

These placemats are sealed with stain repellent to keep coffee and creamer stains away from the coffee table. They have frayed edges for that rustic farmhouse look. The slogan is painted on and guaranteed to be smudge-free. 

Funny Coffee Coasters

When you’re searching for ideas for coffee lovers that will make them scream with laughter and add a special touch to their kitchen or coffee table, this six-pack of coffee coasters is what you need.

These coasters have a porous ceramic surface that absorbs condensation from spills and sweat. As a result, they’ll keep any table dry and clean. However, if the surface does get stained, it’s easy to soak them in warm water overnight.

Each coaster includes a unique and hysterical coffee slogan. Our favorite reads ‘a yawn is a silent scream for coffee,’ but we guarantee your caffeine addict will enjoy every one of them.

Coffee Makes Me Poop Spoon

It’s a fact: Coffee makes you poop. So let your coffee lovers announce it proudly with this hilarious stainless steel Coffee Spoon. They’ll love using it to stir their morning cup of coffee, knowing that other things will be stirring soon.

This gorgeous spoon is crafted with standard stainless steel and measures 6.25″ long, perfect for a cup of coffee. You can choose any quote or idea you want! They allow up to four lines of text, with ten characters per line, so don’t feel limited! 

Need a fun idea? We have a few. ‘This is How We Brew It!’ or ‘Bean There, Done That’ or even just a simple ‘Shhhh…not yet”. No matter what you choose, you will make your coffee lover laugh. And this makes a great addition to a coffee gift basket.

Flushed with Caffeine Coffee Mug

This toilet-shaped coffee mug will be a solid number one or two on your coffee aficionado’s favorite gifts list. They’ll be flushed with pride and rolling with laughter every time they take a sip. This mug even includes a toilet tank-shaped handle!

This mug contains high-quality ceramic, holds 12 fluid ounces of delicious coffee, and will be the talk of the home or office. ‘Urine’ trouble if you don’t take the plunge and get them this thoughtful gift.

May The Froth Be With You Coffee Mug

When it comes to creative gifts for coffee geeks, we think this Star Wars and Starbucks Coffee Themed Mug is the way to go! This 100% ceramic mug holds 11 ounces of coffee and makes a great gag gift for your boss, best friend, or sci-fi geek.

The mug features a stormtrooper surrounded by the recognizable Starbucks Coffee logo. Below is the hilarious slogan: May The Froth Be With You. This mug is also safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave, so there is no need to be extra cautious with it. Your coffee lover will think it is out of this galaxy!

Coffee and Wine Anytime Storage Rack

If your favorite coffee-loving lady wants to keep track of the time, she needs this hilarious wooden coffee and wine cup storage rack! This storage rack is made of 100% natural, high-quality acacia wood with a tremendous load-bearing capacity to prevent shaking and tipping. It includes two metal racks for morning cups of coffee and four slots for wine glasses.

It also comes with a gorgeous mason jar with fairy lights and hydrangeas to spruce up the whole set and makes her home feel like her favorite coffee shop.

But the real treat is how she’ll tell time, with coffee cups for AM and wine glasses for PM. So she’ll always know what time of day it is, and it will keep her laughing all year long.

Desk Top Coffee Bell

Let your coffee people summon their favorite batch of coffee with this hysterical Ring for Coffee Bell. It will be the ideal gift for their at-home coffee bar.

This bell measures three inches in diameter and two inches wide, so your coffee drinkers could slip it in their pocket to demand their favorite Starbucks coffee. But we wouldn’t recommend it!

When it comes to gifts for coffee snobs, this bell is perfect on its own or as an addition to a coffee gift basket.

Don’t Spill the Coffee Sculpture

You won’t find too many funny coffee gifts that will delight your coffee professionals as much as this one. This hilarious Coffee Sculpture features a spilling cup of coffee that seems to float magically in midair and is without question the world’s strongest coffee. 

You can choose between black coffee, coffee with creamer, and different coffee mug colors. The sculpture is made of high-quality plastic resin and features a floating cup and spilled coffee. Set beside a coffee maker for a real thrill, or decorate any coffee bar or kitchen.  

Funny Coffee Towels

If your coffee people have a sense of humor, this set of four funny coffee towels will make them laugh during their morning routine. These towels are a durable polyester microfiber blend that cleans up any coffee spills quickly and efficiently.

Each towel features a unique and hilarious coffee slogan, including ‘I Like Big Cups, and I Cannot Lie,’ ‘Addicted to the Pot,’ and ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot.’ It is truly an indulgent coffee selection of towels!

These towels are super absorbent, machine washable, dryable, and bleachable. We also love that the images will never fade.

These are hilarious gifts for coffee drinkers, whether on their own or as a part of a coffee gift basket.

Rustic Handmade Coffee Sign

If your coffee people have a sweet tooth and a funny bone, they’ll think this Rustic Handmade Coffee Sign is the perfect addition to their at-home coffee bar. They’ll enjoy sipping their favorite coffee blend while laughing over this farmhouse-inspired sign.

The sign is made of hand-stained walnut-colored wood that adds a vintage charm.  At 7×7 inches, it’s a great addition for small spaces and is easy to install. You can choose between four different hilarious slogans. Our favorite? Pour Some Sugar On Me! But don’t let us keep you from selecting the right gifts for coffee snobs in your life. 

I Need Coffee Home Decor

If your loved one needs a laugh as much as they need coffee, then this Inspirational Quote Home Decoration will satisfy their cravings. This sign is the perfect size for small spaces and includes everything you need to install it easily.

This sign has a rustic charm and vintage look and can be hung or stand alone on a coffee bar. When it comes to gifts for coffee lovers, this is the perfect decoration. 

Happy Caffeinating! 

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