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41 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers in 2022

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Not sure what gift to get the coffee lover in your life who seems to have it all? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got a ton of suggestions for java-related presents, so you’re sure to find a thoughtful gift that’s perfect for each of the coffee enthusiasts on your list. 

First, we’re going to share our overall top 10 coffee gifts. Our buying guide doesn’t stop there, though. We’ve also sorted a few more of our favorite goodies and gadgets into a few helpful categories to help you narrow down your search even more. 

Ready to find the perfect gift for the coffee expert in your life? Keep reading!

Quick Summary: Our Favorite Coffee Gift Ideas

rc-table__imageATLAS COFFEE
  • World's Best Coffees
  • Fresh Roasted
  • Offers Amazing & Exotic Coffees
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rc-table__imageTrade Coffee
  • Gift Coffee Subscription
  • Specialty Coffee Flavors
  • Celebration Box
Check Price →
  • Freshly Roasted Coffee
  • Curated From Nation's Top Roasters
  • Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar
Check Price →
  • Freshly Roasted Coffees
  • Artisan Chocolates
  • Tasting Notes For Each Pairing
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rc-table__imagePAKT COFFEE KIT
  • High-End, Safe Materials
  • Compact, Durable, Airline Carry-On Friendly
  • Barista-Quality Coffee In One Sleek, Portable Package
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Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle - Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Pot, Stainless Steel, Quick Heating, Matte Black, 0.9 LiterFELLOW STAGG EKG ELECTRIC GOOSENECK KETTLE
  • Quick Heating
  • Stainless Steel
  • Well Crafted Kettle
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AeroPress Original Coffee & Espresso Maker - Quickly makes delicious coffee without bitterness - 1 to 3 cups per pressingAEROPRESS COFFEE AND ESPRESSO MAKER
  • Lightweight, Compact, Portable And Durable
  • Avoids The Bitterness And High Acidity
  • Makes A Smooth, Delicious, Full Flavored Coffee
Check on Amazon →
  • Fresh Delivered Coffee
  • Curated For Quality
  • Highest Rated Coffees
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Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (Black)BARATZA ENCORE CONICAL BURR COFFEE GRINDER
  • Specialty Coffee Association Award Winning Grinders
  • User Friendly
  • 40 Grind Settings
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Ninja CFP201 DualBrew System 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Single-Serve for Grounds & K-Cup Pod Compatible, 3 Brew Styles, 60-oz. Water Reservoir & Carafe, BlackNINJA CFP201 DUALBREW SYSTEM
  • 60 Oz. Water Reservoir & Carafe
  • 3 Brew Styles
  • Single-Serve For Grounds & K-Cup Pod Compatible
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Top 10 Gifts For Coffee lovers

Atlas Coffee Club World of Coffee Sampler

Atlas Coffee
Atlas Coffee

This World of Coffee sampler box from Atlas includes 8, 1.8-ounce bags of specialty coffee from 8 different countries. Also a picturesque post cards from each country and tasting note cards for each roast.


Don’t you love the idea of your favorite java drinker thinking of you each time they pour their morning cup of coffee? We sure do! That’s why an Atlas Coffee Club sampler is on all of our gift lists this year; every time someone in our crew brews one of the eight specialty coffees in this pack, they’ll remember who gave it to them and smile. The contents of this sampler hail from Nicaragua, El Salvador, India, Uganda, Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, and each of the bags come with a postcard from the coffee’s country of origin, tasting note cards, and brewing recommendations.

Atlas Coffee Club only sources the top one percent of the world’s best beans, artfully roasting each batch to perfection at the company’s Austin, Texas, headquarters. This means you can rest assured knowing you’re giving a gift that’s of the highest quality. 

Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Celebration Gift Box
Trade Coffee

Elevate their mornings with a gift box or digital coffee subscription from Trade! Give them a journey through specialty coffee’s flavors with a gift box including three coffees to unwrap.


And speaking of coffee subscription services…Trade Coffee‘s got one, too, and it makes a great gift for any of the coffee fans in your life. All you’ve got to do is choose how many bags of coffee their subscription will include, and Trade does the rest. The company emails the recipient a link to a quiz that generates their perfect coffee matches, and from there, Trade mails them their bag of beans at a frequency of their choosing. 

You can also gift your loved one a Trade Coffee Celebration Box. These boxes include three made-to-order coffees — a light, medium, and dark roast. There’s also a code inside that the recipient can use to redeem a fourth bag of beans that’s selected according to their tastes. 

Either of these options would make stellar gifts, especially if the person you’re shopping for tends to go through coffee rather quickly.

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Bean Box Twelve Mornings of Coffee Advent Calendar

Bean Box Advent Calendar
Twelve Mornings of Coffee Advent Calendar

Wake up to twelve joyful mornings of holiday cheer in your mug: experience the only specialty coffee advent calendar curated from the nation’s top roasters.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a cup of delicious coffee! OK, so maybe that’s not how the song goes, but we think those lyrics are better. And with Bean Box’s Twelve Mornings of Coffee Advent Calendar, you can make our version of the song a reality.

Surprise someone you care about with one of these gift boxes that includes a tasting flight of Bean Box’s festive holiday beans. Each coffee blend is sourced from the nation’s top roasters and boasts some of the holiday season’s signature flavors, including cranberry and roasted chestnut. We think pretty much all serious coffee drinkers will agree that a sampler box like this is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Bean Box Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box

Artisan Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Box
Bean Box Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box

This indulgent tasting experience makes the perfect gift for any occasion. We’ve curated coffees from award-winning roasters and paired them with culinary-inspired chocolates for the perfect tasting symphony for your palate.


If your java enthusiast is as crazy for chocolate as they are their morning coffee, then this Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box from Bean Box is probably one of the best gifts you could give them. 

Each box includes four bags of freshly roasted artisan coffee beans (choose between whole bean or ground coffee depending on your recipient’s preferences), four gourmet chocolate bars, and tasting notes for each pairing. We’re certain connoisseurs and foodies alike will enjoy every bit of these boxes, each of which is packaged with care in Seattle. 

The Pakt Coffee Kit

PAKT Travel Kit
Pakt Coffee Kit

The Pakt Coffee Kit is everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one sleek, portable package. Use anywhere you have access to water and electricity.


The Pakt Coffee Kit is the ideal gift for a coffee enthusiast who’s always on the go. This little setup includes an electric kettle with a dual voltage power base, a 12-ounce stainless steel travel mug, a coffee grounds container, a collapsible stainless steel dripper, a reusable metal filter, and a coffee scoop. All the kit’s user needs to provide are the beans and the water, and gone are the days of crappy hotel coffee!

The best part is that each piece of the travel coffee kit fits into one sleek carrying case, so none of the gear will take up too much space in a hiking pack, carry-on, or checked bag!

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Every pour-over pro knows that, if you hope to produce coffee shop-level results, you’ll need a good gooseneck kettle on deck. That’s why we think this Fellow Stagg electric kettle makes such a great gift for those who prefer the manual brewing method over automatic drip coffee makers

This baby can produce hot water for coffee or tea in just a few short minutes — no stovetop required — and if you switch the product into hold mode, it stays that way for up to an hour. That, plus its to-the-degree temperature control, built-in brew stopwatch, and precision pour spot create a kettle any pour-over coffee snob (or hot tea lover) would be thrilled to receive. 

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

On Sale

Give the gift of fresh coffee on the go with an AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. This gadget is trusted by coffee connoisseurs around the world to create one to three cups of smooth and delicious brew no matter where you are. 

Just like the French presses many rely on for portable coffee brewing, the AeroPress is an immersion brewer, but it doesn’t just make regular drip coffee; this little brewer can also make espresso-style joe that can be used for specialty drinks like cappuccinos and lattes

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Angels’ Cup Specialty Coffee Box

Black Box
Angels' Cup Specialty Coffee Box

A curated assortment of the best, most fresh coffees from hundreds of roasters across the country.


You could take the easy route and give your friendly neighborhood coffee fiend a gift card to their favorite café, but we think investing in their at-home brewing routine with an Angels’ Cup Specialty Coffee gift box is a bit more special. The good people at Angels’ Cup sample thousands of coffee beans and select only the best of the best to send out in each box, so your recipient is guaranteed to love what shows up on their doorstep.

You’ve got a few options when it comes to choosing a coffee bean subscription for your friend or family member, so be sure to read each one carefully to find a quantity that best fits their java drinking needs. 

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Whatever kind of coffee machine the budding barista in your life uses to create their morning brew, one thing is certain: freshly ground beans are a must-have, and a good burr grinder is the best way to get them. With the Baratza Encore conical burr grinder on hand, your favorite coffee-obsessed person can make cup after cup of rich, flavorful joe, and they’ll have you and your impressive gift-giving skills to thank for it. 

This particular model is a Baratza bestseller, and with its commercial-grade burrs, compact design, and user-friendliness, it’s not hard to understand why. The Baratza Encore is a gift suitable for pretty much every coffee person, as its 40 grind settings allow a user to adapt fresh beans to a wide range of brewing methods, from pour-over to cold brew

Ninja DualBrew System

On Sale

Rounding out our top 10 favorite coffee-related gifts is the Ninja CFP201 DualBrew coffee maker. This bad boy makes it all, from iced coffee to hot brew, in nine different sizes: Small Cup, Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Travel Mug, 1/4 Carafe, 1/2 Carafe, 3/4 Carafe, or Full Carafe. When it comes to the kind of coffee used, it’s the brewer’s choice — either scoop a few spoonsful of ground beans into the brew basket or pop a K-Cup pod into the machine. 

Additional features include a 60-ounce removable water reservoir, an adjustable warming plate that keeps coffee hot for up to four hours, and the ability to schedule the brew up to 24 hours in advance. 

Best Gifts for Under $20

You may think your options for good gifts are seriously limited when you’re on a tight budget, but you would be surprised at how many cool coffee-related gadgets and gizmos are 20 dollars are less. Below are a few of our favorites. 

OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker 

Give the gift of delicious morning coffee — without breaking the bank — with OXO Brew’s pour-over coffee maker. This white plastic tool allows its user to consistently create flavorful joe with little effort. 

This coffee dripper’s got an auto-drip tank and a precise hole pattern that ensure a well-balanced brew every time. It fits on top of a wide variety of coffee mug sizes, so it’ll likely be compatible with whatever your recipient’s got on hand. 

Coffee Gator Coffee Scale

On Sale

If you’re still weighing your options on what to get the coffee enthusiasts in your life, consider handing out a few Coffee Gator scales…and yes, that pun was fully intended. As you may or may not know, measuring grounds with a coffee scale instead of a spoon or scoop brings much-needed consistency to an at-home barista’s brewing process. That’s not necessarily a must-have for everyone, but when you’re shopping for someone who cares about crafting the perfect cup every day, a good scale is one of the best choices. 

And this product from Coffee Gator is certainly a good one! The little gadget weighs solids in both ounces and grams and liquids in fluid ounces and liters. All measurements are easily visible thanks to a backlit LCD screen, and there’s even a built-in timer for noting extraction times. 

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug 

Now, this mug probably won’t win over any cold brew lovers, but if you know the intended recipient exclusively enjoys their drinks hot, we’re willing to bet they’ll be thrilled with this cute little goodie. 

When it’s empty, the smiling image of art icon Bob Ross on this Unemployed Philosophers Guild mug stands in front of a plain black background, but when a piping hot liquid — like freshly brewed black coffee, for example — is added, a colorful painting appears in its place. This color-changing cup is both fun and functional, and that’s why we thought it would make a perfect gift for anyone who likes to start the day with something warm in their cup.

Traveling back home and need your mug to stay intact? Find out how to wrap all your coffee mugs as gifts!

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Best Gifts for Dad

Don’t forget about dear old Dad and his coffee drinking habits this holiday season! Whether he’s into silly, lighthearted gifts or likes things that are a bit more sophisticated, there are plenty of joe-themed products he’ll love unwrapping. We’ve shared a few of them below, but if you want to see even more Dad-approved gifts, check out this article

Favorite Child Funny Coffee Mug

There’s no chance of your dad forgetting who gave him this vessel; it’s got your name written right on it! All right, so it doesn’t exactly have your name on it, but it says “favorite child,” and that’s the same thing, right? This 11-ounce cup from Wittsy Glassware makes a perfect addition to your dad’s mug collection, and each time he pours his morning brew, he’ll think of you and smile. 

“If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Coffee” Socks 

Get your father some quirky coffee-based apparel, like these fun socks from Lavley that read, “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Coffee.”

These premium knit crew socks from Lavley are made of elastic, spandex, and cotton, allowing them to stretch comfortably over a foot (even one as big as Dad’s…). They’re super soft, and because they’re made with high-quality fabric, they’re sure to endure years of wearing and washing without fading or distortion. 

Best Gifts for Mom

You might think your mom is impossible to shop for, but that’s just because you haven’t checked out any of our recommendations yet! After sifting through countless coffee machines, mugs, and brewing accessories, we discovered a few noteworthy items. We think they’re pretty cool, and we’re betting Mom will, too. 

Breville Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine

On Sale

Mom’s got plenty on her plate every day, and sometimes, she may not be able to squeeze a mid-afternoon coffee run into her schedule. That’s why she needs an espresso machine of her own, and one that works as fast as she needs it to. Enter the Breville Nespresso Vertuo Next espresso machine. 

This sleek and compact capsule brewer won’t take up too much valuable counter space, and because it comes in three different colors (light grey, cherry red, and matte black), you’re sure to find one that matches Mom’s aesthetic. It makes coffee in five, eight, or 18-ounce servings and espresso in a single or double shot — no matter what size caffeine kick is necessary, the Nespresso Vertuo can handle it! 

Keurig K-Cafe Latte and Cappuccino Machine

On Sale

Does your mother lean toward Team Keurig in the battle of the single-serve brewers? No worries; if you want to gift Mom a convenient coffee brewer, the Keurig K-Cafe is a worthy choice, too. The K-Cafe brews four different sizes — six, eight, 10, or 12 ounces — and all a coffee lover has to do is load their favorite K-Cup pod and push a button. It doesn’t get easier than that! Then, the built-in milk frother brings milk to steamy, bubbly perfection, which is especially convenient if you’re shopping for someone who loves a good cappuccino.

The 60-ounce removable water reservoir gives the luxury of brewing up to six cups of coffee before it has to be refilled, and the machine is compatible with travel mugs up to seven inches tall; if Mom is constantly on the go, she’ll appreciate this feature. 

Best Coffee Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for an easy present, a gift box or basket is the way to go. Fortunately, there are plenty of coffee-themed gift sets out there to choose from. Check out a few of the best ones we found. 

Sillybean Best Dog Lover Coffee Gift Basket

Show your dog walker, groomer, or any other puppy lover in your life how much you care with Sillybean’s set of canine-inspired coffees. This gift basket includes eight different blends with names like Muddy Dog Caramel Mudslide, Wet Nose Nudge Colombian, and Nutty Dog Southern Pecan. 

All of the coffees included here are made from 100 percent arabica beans before being small-batch roasted. In other words, these joes are just doggone good.  

Wine Country Starbucks Gift Basket

No products found.

Sure, you could just get the Starbucks junkie a gift card, but we think watching them unwrap a basket loaded with some of the franchise’s most mouthwatering products would be more fun. Besides, they’ll get much more use out of an at-home brewing kit than a few bucks on a card. 

This basket from Wine Country comes with a 20-ounce stainless steel tumbler, bags of Pike Place and Veranda blend ground coffees, Starbucks VIA Instant mocha and vanilla latte packets, hot cocoa, and a small selection of Teavana tea leaves. Sweetening the deal is a couple of chocolate chip pecan cookies — simply delicious!

Coffee Care Packages Coffee and Treats Box

Coffee Care Packages and Treats Box
Coffee Care Packages and Treats Box

Let someone know you are thinking of them with these coffee packages and treat box. This coffee selection includes single origin coffees from Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico.


This holiday season, show that special someone how much you care by sending them a small, medium, or large coffee care package from the iSayItWithCafe Etsy store. 

Regardless of the sized gift box you choose, each comes with at least one bag of Say Café single-origin beans, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and at least three individually wrapped snacks. This present kills two birds with one stone: satisfying coffee cravings and providing the giftee with something yummy to munch as they sip their brew. 

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Gifts for Iced Coffee Lovers

Does your favorite coffee drinker prefer cold beverages over hot brews? No sweat! There are plenty of cool products (pun definitely intended) out there that they’ll appreciate. 

HyperChiller Long Lasting Beverage Chiller

Help your friendly neighborhood coffee drinker cool down by gifting them this long-lasting beverage chiller from HyperChiller. 

This product’s patented design uses regular water instead of potentially harmful chemicals or gels to keep beverages cold. All your recipient has to do is fill the HyperChiller with water and leave it in the freezer, and a few hours later, it’s ready for use. The vessel can be placed directly underneath the coffee maker’s spout as the joe brews, or coffee can be poured from the carafe into it; either way, the beverage goes from hot and cozy to refreshingly cold in less than 60 seconds!

Javy Coffee Microdose Coffee Concentrate

When you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t always want to enjoy their morning coffee piping hot and wants to get their caffeine fix in a hurry, Javy Coffee’s Microdose Coffee Concentrate is a gift sent straight from the heavens. 

This stuff cuts hours out of the cold brewing process; just add two or three teaspoons of it to eight ounces of water, and bam — delicious cold brew! Then, the 100 percent arabica joe is ready to be enjoyed as is or with a splash of creamer, whole milk, or one of the many alternative milks on the market. Your coffee-loving friend or relative will appreciate the convenience and rich flavor…and the fact that it’s non-GMO and free of gluten, fat, and sugar isn’t so bad, either. 

Best Gifts for Starbucks Lovers

We all know someone who swears by Starbucks Coffee, don’t we? The franchise sells gift cards, of course, but we think these Starbies-inspired items are a bit more fun. 

Starbucks Been There Series New York City Mug

What better gift for someone who loves both a big cup of joe and the Big Apple than a cute coffee mug depicting some of the city’s most iconic landmarks? 

This cup, which is part of Starbucks Coffee’s beloved Been There series, is microwave and dishwasher-safe. Plus, it holds up to 14 ounces of coffee or tea! This gift could be the start of a fun collection for your recipient; once they have this one, they’ll be itching to get their hands on the rest of the Been There products. 

Starbucks Holiday Ground Coffee Variety Pack

Most Starbucks lovers eagerly anticipate the limited edition specialty beverages and flavored coffee beans the franchise unveils every holiday season, and we’re willing to bet the java lover in your life does, too. That’s why we’ve included this Starbucks holiday ground coffee variety pack in our ultimate gift guide.

This set includes three bags of ground coffee produced by the Seattle-based company: the herbal and maple-noted Holiday Blend, the Peppermint Mocha blend, and the brand’s popular Pike Roast blend. With these bags of beans on hand, whoever’s lucky enough to be on the receiving end of your gift can enjoy festive flavors whenever they want, even if ’tis no longer the season. 

Starbucks Syrup Variety Pack

Fewer things complement the strong, rich espresso shot and steamed milk in a latte better than tasty flavored syrups, and these from Starbucks are no exception. Anyone who adds a drizzle of the international franchise’s vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, or sugar-free vanilla syrup into their at-home brew should be prepared for their cup of coffee to go to the next level of goodness. 

Of course, the contents of these 12.17-ounce bottles pair beautifully with Starbucks Coffee’s joe, but don’t worry; they’ll play nicely with beans from other classic coffee brands, too!

Gifts for Coffee Snobs

Some people believe coffee is more than a drink; it’s a way of life…and we can’t exactly say we disagree. Get those people — a.k.a., the biggest coffee snobs you know — something sophisticated, practical, and, of course, java-related that will help take their coffee brewing and sipping experiences to the next level. 

Letterfolk Coffee Passport Journal

Sometimes, the coffee is truly something to write home about, and when that’s the case, it has to be done in this Letterfolk Coffee Passport journal. Each page of this 48-page notebook has space to document coffee origins, bean type, roast level, brew method, and other important details about the joe. 

Slip this pocket-sized passport into the stocking of anyone with a serious interest in the coffee industry and all it has to offer, and watch their face light up when they see it on Christmas morning. 

MELODRIP Pour Over Coffee Tool

Everyone who swears by the pour-over brewing method needs a Melodrip…at least, that’s what the tool’s inventors say, anyway. We happen to agree, which is why we recommend picking one up for the serious coffee fanatics you know. 

This instrument is designed to smooth out the brew by redistributing the kettle pour and preventing suspended coffee particles from escaping the filter paper and slipping into the brew. The Melodrip is guaranteed to create a cup that’s vibrant and silky, two characteristics every coffee aficionado is searching for. 

Wood Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip

Surely you don’t expect the coffee expert on your gift list to measure out their grounds with some regular old teaspoon, do you? They’ve got to have a designated coffee scoop that’s high-quality and stylish, just like this one from Yidada. 

The wooden scoop holds about seven grams of grounds and helps the at-home barista measure the perfect amount of coffee every time they brew. The durable little tool even doubles as a clip for sealing the bag of beans, keeping all the air out of the joe without damaging its packaging. 

Funny Gifts for Coffee Lovers

If your main gift-giving goal is to make your giftees laugh out loud, the following coffee-themed products are definitely worth considering. 

Coffee Makes Me Poop Spoon 

Unless everyone in your coffee addict’s life got their gifts from our ultimate guide, we think it’s safe to say this quirky engraved spoon is truly a one-of-a-kind gift. It’s both silly and functional, not to mention guaranteed to pull a giggle out of whoever finds it in their stocking. 

Don’t Speak Funny Mug

If you know someone who can’t handle conversation before they’ve had their morning coffee, they need this mug to do all the talking (or lack thereof) for them. Let this 12-ounce cup put a little humor into your sibling, friend, cousin, or co-worker’s java routine. 

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Personalized Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Don’t just give your loved ones some generic department store trinket or basic bag of coffee from the grocery store; show them how much you care by giving them something designed specifically for them. We know they’ll appreciate the personal touch you add to one of the items we’ve listed below.

Driftaway Coffee Subscription

Driftaway Coffee
Driftaway Coffee

Gift the comfort of coffee to your loved ones with these personalized subscriptions that will surely match your taste & connect you to your farmers.


A Driftaway Coffee subscription makes a great gift for one with a passion for sustainability, small business, and a personalized coffee experience. And when this brand says “personalized,” they mean it, matching each customer with the beans they’re most likely to love and even printing their name on every bag of joe they receive!

The Brooklyn-based small-batch coffee roaster ships within six hours of roasting, so the beans will be as fresh as possible when they get to your loved one. The coolest part about this brand, though, is the Farmer Feedback program that lets customers send their tasting notes and observations about the brew directly to the coffee farmer. 

Wooden French Press

Wooden French Press
Wooden French Press

For a coffee lover, there’s no more meaningful gift than this personalized french press with engraved his/her name. By using french press the oils of coffee beans that give the real taste of your coffee are absorbed directly into the hot water.


If your loved one is asking for a French press this holiday season, do them one better: a French press with their name carved into it. They’ll see the engraving every time they press the plunger down and feel special knowing this gift was selected specifically with them in mind. This wooden brewer only holds about 11 ounces of liquid, though, so if you’re buying for someone who tends to make joe for a crowd, they’ll probably need something bigger. 

SaltNerds Personalized Coffee Gift Set

SaltNerds Personalized Coffee Gift Set
SaltNerds Personalized Coffee Gift Set

The SaltNerds Gourmet Salt Gift with Spice & Herb Samplers consists of 4 SaltNerds Salts, each in their own individually packaged glass jar, California Coffee Dry Rub Sampler, and your choice of a CoffeeNerds – 100% Arabica Whole Coffee Beans.


What do you get for the friend that’s a foodie and a coffee connoisseur? This SaltNerds sampler, of course! Each box includes four jars of SaltNerds salts, a bag of the brand’s California Coffee Dry Rub, and a bag of coffee beans of your choice. Let your recipient know this gift is just for them by having their name or a short message printed on the bag of beans. 

Coffee Gifts for Her

When you’re shopping for a special lady in your life, not just anything will do. Put in real effort to find something she’ll love, and use our suggestions as a starting point to your search!

Silly Obsessions Coffee Lover Gift Box

So, you want your joe-themed gift to make a good impression and you doubt one of the coffee bags from the grocery store will do the trick? No problem — surprise her with this gift box instead!

It comes with a cozy pair of cotton socks that have, “If you can read this, bring me coffee” printed on the soles, a finely crafted wood scoop for precisely measuring grounds, and a bright red mug that reads, “When life hands you lemons, give them back and ask for coffee.” Trust us. These cute little goodies will bring a smile to her face for sure. 

Square Coffee Tin

On Sale

A properly sealed storage container is often the difference between lackluster and mouthwatering brew, but unfortunately, many coffee fans skip out on buying one. Help the lady in your life step up her coffee game by gifting her this stylish square coffee canister. This steel tin’s bamboo lid is sealed with silicone, designed to keep all 50 ounces of joe inside fresh and flavorful for a long time — perfect if she’s serious about brewing only the most delicious cups of coffee every day. 

Amazon Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Clicking “Add to Cart” is much more convenient than pushing an actual cart around a brick-and-mortar store…and a lot less time-consuming, too! We don’t blame you if you’d rather do all of your shopping online, and that’s why we’re sharing a few of our Amazon favorites for you to check out.

Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder

If you’re a longtime Roasty reader, you already know how much we value grinding our own beans. Sure, pre-ground works just as well, but having a good grinder, like the Fellow Ode Brew, for example, and whole beans on your countertop makes the contents of your cup taste a bit fresher and more flavorful.

Usher your loved one into the world of grinding their beans by gifting them Fellow’s Ode Brew this holiday season. They’ll love this burr grinder’s quiet power, and between the 31 adjustable grind settings, they’re bound to find the perfect grind size for their brewing method of choice. 

Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection K-Cup Variety Pack

Refill your friend or family member’s K-Cup stash and give them the Keurig Coffee Lovers Collection variety pack. This sampler box includes three pods from 20 of the most popular K-Cup varieties, and with a lineup that includes blends from brands like Laughing Man Coffee Company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Caribou Coffee, there’s certainly a brew or two that will impress the gift’s recipient. 

And who knows? Your gift just might introduce them to their new go-to K-Cup blend! 

The World Atlas of Coffee

On Sale

Brimming with fascinating photos, maps, and everything anyone could want to know about brewing methods and coffee geography, this is a must-have for every coffee aficionado. It was written by James Hoffman, a World Barista Champion, and if your loved one already has every coffee-brewing device on the planet, this book will make the perfect gift. Go ahead and buy one for your coffee table, too. 

Quirky Coffee Gifts

Find a gift that’s just as unique as the recipient is, and use our suggestions to do it! You won’t find these coffee-themed items in most stores, so you’re bound to stumble upon something your loved one doesn’t already have. 

Coffee is My Spirit Animal Wish Bracelet

Coffee is My Spirit Animal Wish Bracelet
Coffee is My Spirit Animal Wish Bracelet

This clever Wish Bracelet is handmade. It is charming, sweet, and cute! Perfect as a little gift on their own or popped into a card or sent with a present as a little something extra!


If you know someone who is always wishing for another cup of coffee, tie one of these wish bracelets onto their wrist; when it falls off, perhaps their wish will come true! But even if not, they, at the very least, get to enjoy wearing the little silver coffee thermos charm and waxed cotton cord every day. It’s a fun and cute accessory and proof that coffee goes with everything. 

Coffee Animals Coloring Book

You already know your artsy and creative java enthusiast pal already enjoys sketching and coloring, so you might as well give them a gift that unites two of their passions, like this Coffee Animals coloring book! Each page has images of animals and coffee paraphernalia ready to be filled in with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. There are even a few coffee recipes your giftee can make and enjoy while they color and unwind!

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

A picture-perfect gift for any photographer with coffee running through their veins, this stainless steel mug looks just like the real thing. It’s 100 percent leak-proof, and it keeps both hot and cold beverages at their optimal drinking temperatures. Whether the recipient is a coffee drinker or not, they can still get plenty of use out of this fun novelty cup. 

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Coffee Gifts for Men

Don’t resign to giving the guy in your life the same thing every year; think outside the box, and pick up something he’ll actually use! We’ve compiled a list of suggestions below.

Black Rifle Coffee Supply Drop K-Cup Variety Pack

If he likes his coffee with a kick, give him the bold flavors of Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Supply Drop K-Cup variety pack. This sampler includes coffee of multiple flavor profiles and roast levels, like the light roasted Silencer Smooth, the AK-47 and Just Black medium roasts, and the Beyond Black dark roast. However his coffee cravings change each day, he’ll find satisfaction in one of these Brazilian and Colombian bean blends. 

MISHOWNET Tire Coffee and Tea Mug

On Sale

Before heading out for a day of fixing cars, the mechanic on your gift list can fix himself a piping hot cup of joe, served in this novelty tire and wrench mug. Any car buff you know — boyfriend, brother, father, whoever — will get a kick out of this cool 12-ounce cup, and because it’s 100 percent ceramic, it’s durable enough to handle daily use for a good, long time.

Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones Gift Set

This Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones gift set is a must-have for anyone who appreciates a coffee bar just as much as a cocktail bar. This craft coffee set comes with a bag of Kentucky bourbon barrel-aged Colombian coffee that boasts notes of hazelnut, plums, and roasted nuts, all topped with a smooth bourbon finish. 

The giftee will also find six handcrafted, high-quality granite chilling stones in the box. These beautiful little rocks are designed to keep his liquor of choice cool without watering it down. 

It’s All About Personality

When choosing the best gift for a coffee lover, consider whether they prefer a particular brewing method or like to experiment with different coffee makers. Are they the sort of person who enjoys coffee-themed décor or more utilitarian gifts? Or are they just a little quirky?

Keeping their personality and other interests in mind will help you choose the best possible gift for the java lover in your life.

Happy Caffeinating! (And gift-giving!)

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